We are so excited to introduce our new friends Daisy, Rilla, Mateo and Raffy.
We are so excited to introduce our new friends Daisy, Rilla, Mateo and Raffy.
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Abaana is a clothing and accessories line for babies and toddlers using 100% all natural and sustainable cotton right from its source in Uganda, East Africa. Our journey started when we realised how difficult it was to find good quality, longer lasting, eco-friendly clothing outside of the all-consuming fast fashion industry.

Determined to find an alternative we set off on a mission searching for sustainable, ethically-sourced cotton to create a homegrown product that was fair to its producers and good to the environment.

We found our answer through the solid partnerships we have formed with producers, local artisans and the Cotton made in Africa (CmiA) initiative and Abaana was born!

We take our commitment to producing fun, stylish, comfy and completely play-proof garments very seriously! Each piece is designed with our children in mind and includes our own hand drawn illustrations which capture the vibrant, colourful culture and nature that surrounds us in Uganda.

Care is taken in every aspect of the production process and only organically certified dyes and inks are used to produce high quality pieces for your little ones to enjoy.
Our Abaana Zero line takes fabric offcuts usually left on the cutting room floor and transforms them into beautiful and functional children's garments. This is our contribution towards reducing the global concern for fabric waste ending up in local landfills.  
At the heart of this line are the local artisans we work with to ensure they get fair prices, earn a decent living to support families and are trained in quality standards for textile production. All our packaging is made from the offcuts of our fabrics and is 100% reusable.
Thank you for being a part of the slow-fashion movement.

Caroline, Rachel and Rebeca

Natural. Ethical. Fun

These are the principles that guide the design and manufacturing of our products.