We are so excited to introduce our new friends Daisy, Rilla, Mateo and Raffy.
We are so excited to introduce our new friends Daisy, Rilla, Mateo and Raffy.
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Meet the Gang

Nula the Chameleon
Nula the helmeted chameleon was a happy little creature that loved to spend her days playing hide and seek in the forest with her friends. One evening, Mummy Chameleon told Nula that she was going to join nursery school which was a wonderful place to learn and make new friends. Nula was unsure if nursery would be any fun at all because she would not know anyone.
The next morning, Nula bravely hugged her Mummy and Daddy goodbye and went to join her class. At lunchtime when her Mummy went to meet her, Nula was happy and did not have to worry about anything because all her friends were at nursery school and they even got to play hide and seek together during the break! 
Nula was very good at this game because she could change the colour of her skin to match her surroundings and was always the last to be found.
Cool Fact: Did you know that a chameleon is capable of extending its tongue to more than its complete body length?
Carmen the Pangolin
Carmen the pangolin rolled into a ball and raced her friends. She was always last to arrive to the finish line. Will I ever win she thought? On her way back, her Mama told her to be patient. What does that mean Mama? It means you need to know how to wait. Just have fun in the meanwhile and someday you might win.

Sometimes you just need a little bit of time to get better at rolling. That day she went to bed thinking happily what she learnt. To learn how to wait, to enjoy the rolling game for fun and not just to win, and to have hope that maybe with practice, she would win one day the rolling race. 

Cool Facts: Did you know pangolins are actually mammals and their babies drink milk from their mamas? They can also eat up to 10,000- 15,000 ants, termites per day, and have long sticky tongues which are longer than their bodies.

Barney the Flamingo
Barney the greater flamingo stood under a tree feeling sad because his pink color had gone. His friend Bailey told him to eat more green plants called algae to feel better and turn his feathers back to a healthy pink colour. “Eat green to go pink?” replied Barney, surprised. But he followed his friend’s advice, and sure enough it was not too long before he was happily skipping along the shallow pools - his beautiful pink colour had returned. 
Cool Fact: it is the algae flamingoes eat that contain photosynthetic pigments (maybe ask daddy or mummy to explain these words) that give the birds their pink look.
Alex the Shoebill
In a swamp near the city there lived a small group of birds, which had beaks that were shaped like shoes!  They all looked very grumpy except for one, who seemed to be smiling all the time. Alex the shoebill always had a smile on his face. Whenever anyone asked why he was so happy, he simply replied “I’m just one happy chap, thankful for all that I have”. 

Cool Facts: The Shoebill  is a very large bird! It can be almost 5 feet tall (1.5 meters), 4 feet long (1.2 meters), reaching 1.5 pounds (7 kilograms) in weight! Take a measuring tape and try to imagine how big these birds are!

Mateo the Elephant

Mateo loved the water and to roll in the mud. Suddenly the water hole went dry and his mama told him they had to walk together as a family to find a new one. They walked, and walked and walked for days! But still no water in sight. During the walk, his grandma told him to not give up and to keep looking into the horizon. “Nana is always right and what she says she means it” Mateo thought. Mateo was getting more tired but he trusted the words of Nana. 

Suddenly he saw his Nana trumpeting in the air telling her herd that they had arrived to their new home. And yep, he ran with his other brothers and sisters and jumped into the cool and deep waters of a new water hole in the savannah. 

Cool Facts: Did you know elephants are the world’s largest land mammals – and, aside from the great apes (humans, gorillas, chimpanzees, bonobos and orangutans) – the most intelligent!

Raffy the Giraffe

One bright sunny morning Raffy the giraffe was happily munching away on a breakfast of yummy leaves, when she heard someone crying. She found that it was her friend Kiki the little Vervet monkey who was crying. Kiki was sad because she was not able to rescue her lovely purple kite that got stuck at the top of the great old Acacia tree. The thorns on the tree were just too prickly for her climb and free the kite. ‘Don’t cry Kiki, I will help you get your kite back, come on let’s go.’


When they got to the great old Acacia tree, Raffy tried to stretch her long neck up to the trapped kite, but she was not quite tall enough to reach it.  Kiki was sad and about to give up hope when Raffy had a brilliant idea- ‘Kiki up climb along my neck and see if you can reach the kite’. So up she climbed and freed the kite.

Hooray!!!  ‘You are such a good friend Raffy’ said Kiki hugging her  ‘Thank you for helping me get my kite, we make a great team!.’

Cool Fact: Did you know that the neck of a giraffe has the same amount of vertebrae as humans? They have seven vertebrae.

Boh the Dragonfly
Down by the edge of Lake Victoria lived a family of famous musical southern banded groundling dragonflies. Every summer they performed shows up and down the lake for all the important animals.
Boh wanted to join his family of musicians but no matter how hard he tried to keep up with everyone, he kept on forgetting the notes. One day his Grandpa saw him resting quietly on a leaf and asked him what was wrong.
“Don’t be sad Boh - you know you don’t have to be a musician to join the group. You could sing just like I used to!” he said with a wink.
“Come on let's try and sing a song together.”
Boh loved to sing and so he and his Grandpa practiced their singing all Spring and were ready just in time for his first performance at the great Summer Moonlight Ball.
When Boh began to sing, everyone started to smile and sway! When he was finished everybody clapped and cheered. They asked him to sing two more times! Boh was very happy about his singing and realised it was ok to follow his own dreams and be the best singer he could be!

Cool Fact: Did you know each dragonfly eye has 30,000 lenses which means that they can see all around them?  With its single lens the human eye can see in more detail, but only to the front and side.

 Lily the Butterfly

Lily the butterfly flew high into the treetops. “I’m a bird”, she thought. She had changed from a caterpillar into a beautiful new creature, with wings! The other butterflies told her she was just an insect and not a bird. But she didn’t believe them, and continued to fly as high as she could!

Cool  Fact: Did you know that most adult cream-banded swallowtail butterflies have six fully formed legs instead of four.